Just Flight Tornado GR1: Update

A new Service Pack 4.1 software for the Just Flight Tornado GR1 is now available to download

Just Flight has announced the release of a new Service Pack for their Tornado GR1 which was reviewed in issue 101 of PC Pilot – receiving our coveted ‘Platinum Award’.

Among other things, it provides a significant performance boost along with a number of further updates and fixes.

What is new in this update?

• Performance (FPS) improvements

• Ability to adjust cockpit display refresh rates for better performance (updated configuration tool with refresh rate sliders – see note below)

• Light switches can now be controlled using keyboard assignments (Ctrl+L, Shift+L etc)

• Improved panel state system. The panel state will be automatically saved whenever a flight is saved and reloaded when that flight is loaded.

• IFF and VUHF display position/size in virtual cockpit adjusted

• Landing and taxi lights not illuminating ground – fixed

• Fuel set to empty when opening fuel menu on nav screens – fixed

• Map terrain shown in blue – fixed

• Landing gear indicator day/night mode – fixed

• Flight director symbols on HUD – fixed

• TACAN X/Y mode switch in virtual cockpit – fixed

• ‘MacRoberts Reply’ registration changed from ZA606 to ZA559

• Error when loading radar warning gauge – fixed

Note: The configuration tool has been updated to include sliders which control the refresh rates of the main virtual cockpit displays. The refresh rate of these displays can impact performance – the less often the displays are refreshed, the greater the performance (FPS). The default values (as shown in the image below) offer the best compromise between performance and display smoothness. Moving the sliders to the left (decreasing the corresponding value) increases refresh rate and reduces performance, and moving the sliders to the right (increasing the corresponding value) reduces refresh rate and increases performance. The tool still includes the option to disable these displays completely if required.

Full details of the new Service Pack 4.1 software can be found on the Just Flight Support page:


If you log in to your Just Flight account and click on ‘Your Orders’, you will be able to re-download the new Service Pack 4.1 software from the link in your account.

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