A New Chopper for DCS

New SA342 Gazelle helicopter released for DCS

The makers of the ever-popular DCS franchise have sent us the following communique.

Polychop Simulations in cooperation with The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics, are pleased to announce that DCS: SA342 Gazelle is now available for early access in the DCS E-Shop:www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/gazelle/

The SA342 Gazelle is a light scout/attack and transport helicopter. It was introduced in 1968 as a result of cooperation between Aérospatiale and Westland Aircraft. Operated by 23 countries, the Gazelle has served in combat operations across the world including the 1991 Gulf War, 1982 Lebanon War, Syria, and other conflicts.

The Gazelle is powered by a single turbine engine that is connected to three glass-fibre reinforced plastic main rotor blades, with a bearingless main rotor developed by Bölkow GmbH. It is also the first helicopter which features the famous Fenestron tail rotor.

The version featured in DCS is the anti-tank version that is armed with four HOT 3 anti-tank guided missiles. Later, free upgrades to this module will feature Gazelle versions armed with a GIAT machine gun, rocket pods, Mistral anti-aircraft missile, and sniper team in rear compartment.

Key Features of DCS: SA342 Gazelle:

• Accurate and highly detailed six-degrees-freedom (6DOF) cockpit and external model

• Mouse interactive cockpit with authentic systems modeling

• Fully modeled weapon system including weapons sight and HOT 3

• Exciting and challenging campaign

• Interactive training missions

• AFM (Advanced Flight Model) that simulates all flight phases and characteristics of the Gazelle

• Inclusive flight manual

• Gazelle skins covering many countries

Note: This current release is only compatible with DCS World 2.0.2. Support for version 1.5.3 will be coming soon.

A promotional trailer has also been released to accompany this announcement.


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