IXEG 737 Classic has landed!

X-Aviation announce the release of this highly anticipated airliner add-on for X-Plane

Following on from our previous news item posted last Friday, announcing the imminent release of the IXEG 737 Classic, this highly anticipated simulation landed at the weekend. X-Aviation has accompanied this ‘event’ with a press release which includes product information as follows:

The X-Aviation Take Command! brand for products represents the very best of flight simulation immersion, and assures you this IXEG product is one of the most sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane! Real world pilots test and assist in the development of these products, and real world procedures are followed. It tells you these products are unlike any other product you’ve seen outside of the ever growing X-Aviation catalogue! Want to feel like a real captain? Take Command!

Quick Facts: Extremely detailed 3D cockpit, 3D sound engine, accurately programmed systems and displays, 20 liveries to choose from, and X-Plane 10 64-bit compatible.


The team behind the IXEG 737 Classic consists of some of the most experienced and skilled developers ever assembled in X-Plane. In total, the team of professional on-type pilots, engineers, programmers, 3D, and texture artists come with a combined X-Plane developer experience of over 50 years. This know-how, combined with access to an overwhelming amount of hard to get technical documentation and passion for the aircraft has resulted in an airliner simulation that will not only set a new benchmark standard for X-Plane, but maybe for the whole desktop simulation community.

The main objective of the IXEG development team has been to build a simulation as realistic as possible and as seen from a real world pilot’s perspective. In other words, the real world 737 Classic pilots on the team (who have been involved in the project from day one) have played a central role in the development of this product. Combined, these pilots have tested the aircraft in X-Plane for some 500-1000 hours (block time) prior to release and many additional hours in development consulting.

Systems & Avionics

Created with the idea no detail would go missed, all systems have been meticulously modelled to bring you the highest possible fidelity. The electrical system, for example, is modelled from every breaker and relay upwards – no scripted behaviour (think schematics). The hydraulic model takes flow-rate, quantities and pressure differentials into account. All systems that are present in the real plane have been mimicked with painstaking detail, and way beyond what the average user or even airline pilot will ever explore.

The avionics and entire cockpit have been developed not only with an accurate representation in mind, but the team also paid close attention to the correct appearance of screens, annunciations and warning lights. Screens flicker to life when switched on. Lights also ramp up and wane in a believable fashion. The ultimate goal was and is to make you feel like you’re sitting in the airplane that has been the workhorse of many major airlines over the past decades – not some sterile airplane straight out of the assembly hangar.


Huge efforts have been put into the flight and engine model of this aircraft, which was one of the first things that we started working on in the year 2010. The results are both impressive and amazing! Many are unaware just how important an accurate flight and engine model is to the overall experience of the aircraft, both in automated and manual flight. This aircraft is far beyond the accuracy of any airliner ever made in X-Plane to date! This, combined with the superior flight dynamics of X-Plane and incredible avionics, will give you an experience never had before in any desktop simulation. It truly is remarkable.

Having the right lift, drag and thrust in the entire envelope of flight is critical, even in automated flight. Without this being accurately modelled your vertical flight path would be inaccurate and VNAV/FMS operations and calculations way off. Also, autopilot performance is strongly negatively influenced by having a poor flight model (unlike the IXEG 737 Classic). In manual flight the combination of feel, aerodynamics and avionics are even more important, of course, especially if you want to fly manual approaches, CAT 1 landings in poor visibility, strong winds etc. With this simulation it is no longer a problem!

Navigation/FMC Data (AIRAC)

Navigraph or Aerosoft – The Choice is yours.

The IXEG 737 Classic ships with a dataset from Aerosoft’s NavDataPro service free of charge.

To upgrade your data to the latest AIRAC cycle you may purchase a more recent dataset from Navigraph or Aerosoft NavDataPro. Both of these services are compatible!

Navigaph Availability: Available Now

Aerosoft Availability: Sometime next week

Highlighted Features

• Detailed exterior 3D model

• Highly accurate landing gear and flaps animation

• Realistic exterior and interior lighting effects (HDR required to see the full beauty)

• Animated 3D pilots

• Several liveries to choose from

• Different variants sported (winglets and cockpit instrumentation)

• System simulation without limits – if it´s in the cockpit, it´s working as in the real plane

• Accurate 3D cockpit with life-like texturing and weathering effects

• Custom tuned flight model – lift, drag, thrust, ground-effect, ground model

• Realistic performance values – it is possible to plan flights with official charts

• Flight-management-system with dual CDU operation

• LNAV and VNAV including official procedures, restrictions

• Custom sounds, including warning sounds

• Realistic precipitation effects on windows (rain, ice, snow) that react to the wipers

• EGPWS terrain display

• Weather radar system with tilt, showing X-Plane´s precipitation, ground returns, allows overscanning

• Custom flight controls, including ground, flight and roll spoilers

• Realistic sound for opening cockpit windows

• Intuitive interface systems with pop-out graphical user interface

• Includes our own quick-start guides and tutorial missions

• Custom push-back procedure, ground power supply, ground pneumatic supply

• Frame-rate friendly use of textures and 3D modelling techniques.

Livery Manager Installer

• Install liveries on the fly with this program included in your purchase!

Included Liveries

• Air Berlin

• Air France

• Air Italy

• America West

• British Airways

• Condor

• Delta Retro

• Iberia


• Jet2

• Linjeflyg

• Lufthansa

• Lufthansa Retro

• Norwegian


• Southwest New

• Transaero

• United (tulip)

• US Air

• Varig


• Includes guide for interfacing, minimal pilot handbook, and six comprehensive tutorial guides with matching tutorial videos.

A new video has also been released detailing some of the cockpit features.

To find out more and purchase, visit:tinyurl.com/hqq4398

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