X-Plane arrives in Moldova

Drzewiecki Design has released Chișinău International Airport (LUKK) for X-Plane 10.

The airport has been modelled in detail with up-to-date buildings, terminals along with dozens of local static aircraft. The runways, taxiways and aprons have also been fully replicated. Other features include photorealistic scenery for the surrounding area with autogen objects for the city of Chișinău complete with custom landmarks.

Chișinău, formally known as Kishinev, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova. The airport is Moldova’s main international hub, located 13 km (8.1 miles) southeast of the centre of the capital. In 2000 the airport was modernised and an annex was added to the renovated old terminal. The airport features a single 3,580m concrete runway, which can accommodate airliners including the Boeing 747.


• Up-to-date scenery with new buildings, terminals, taxiways and aprons

• Internal modelling, animations, 3D people, dozens of ‘local’ static aircraft

• Large photoreal surrounding area with custom autogen and city landmarks

• Native HDR XP10 lighting

• Custom airport charts included

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