Introducing the Hun

Milviz has released the F-100D Super Sabre for FSX: Acceleration, FSX: Steam Edition and Prepar3d v2/v3.

The F-100 was developed with a team of four veteran fighter pilots, representing in total 3800 hours on the type. The package is highly detailing both inside and out and includes highly authentic texturing and paint schemes. The cockpit has been faithfully modelled with every control and switch where it should be. The systems have also been recreated and the flight model is highly realistic and challenging. Custom 3D gauges let you precisely monitor your aircraft while in flight, and our sophisticated cockpit lighting adds to the immersion on those pre-dawn sorties.

The F-100D is the first release to feature Milviz new Aircraft Management System (MVAMS). This application runs outside of the simulator to present a wealth of functionality, ranging from setting default startup and display options, preset comm channels and weapons load, defining aircraft specific keyboard and button mappings, to dynamically updating a weapons loadout while the simulator is running.

The Milviz F-100D includes TacPack integration. If it is not present, the F-100D weapon systems will operate, but with some limitations.

The F-100D can be configured with ordinance and it is possible to release bombs, use external drop tanks, fire guns, rockets and AIM-9 missiles, jettison station loads and pylons, activate and manually range the A-4 gun sight; all with appropriate effect on aircraft appearance and performance.

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