New Tri-Jet for X-Plane 10

The Lockheed L1011 TriStar is now available on

Commonly known as the L-1011, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar was the third widebody passenger jetliner to enter operation, following the Boeing 747 and the Douglas DC-10. Lockheed manufactured a total of 250 examples between 1968 and 1984.

The package, design by Michael Wilson, includes three versions: 150 (seven liveries), 200 (six liveries) and the 500 series (nine liveries).

All flight models have been tested by two retired L-1011 pilots and the flight manual was written by retired Air Transat TriStar pilot Andre Poirier, and is available in both French and English. It also includes checklist adapted for X-Plane and performance charts for the L-1011-150, L-1011-200 versions.

The exterior 3D model comes with animated thrust reversers and undercarriage. It also features a detailed 3D cockpit with high-resolution day and night textures and reflections on glass objects along with animated yokes, pedals, handles and hatch.

All instruments and buttons are default X-Plane, but many are customised for higher definition and visibility. The cockpit also includes a flight management computer, Nav/Comm/ADF receivers, transponder, ECAM display, GPS receiver and audio selector for ATC.

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