Dove Takes Off

The de Havilland DH.104 Dove and Devon collection is now available from Just Flight.

The DH.104 Dove and Devon collection for FSX and P3D features the Dove short haul airliner and the Devon military variant of de Havilland’s highly successful post-war aircraft with five variants in a total of six liveries, with analogue and modern digital avionics options.

The aircraft is a direct descendant of the Mosquito fighter/bomber. The DH.104 is an all-metal monoplane design, built as a short-haul passenger and executive transport to replace the Dragon Rapide.

The included Dove Mk.6 features two versions of the avionics: a conventional analogue set and a modern set of digital avionics for comms and navigation use, including a handy flight monitoring computer. Other features include accurate flight dynamics and an authentic sound set.

The cockpit is very atmospheric with either a full set of period instruments and analogue avionics or a mix of period instruments and modern avionics, depending on the model that you are flying.

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