Favourite five from 2015

Combat Aircraft editor and photographer Jamie Hunter looks back at 2015

Photographing and reporting from the front line of military aviation presents some incredible opportunities.

2015 for me started off with a visit to Nellis AFB and exercise ‘Red Flag’. A night shoot on the busy flight line resulted in capturing F-22 Raptors on the EOR (End Of Runway) as maintainers prepared the night ‘go’.

In March 2015 I was working with the US Marine Corps in the San Diego area and was lucky enough to shoot an MV-22 Osprey off the back ramp of a KC-130J out of MCAS Miramar.

Also in March 2015 I got the chance to become the first photographer to shoot airborne images of British F-35Bs from No 17 (reserve) Squadron flying out of Edwards AFB.

Fast-forward to October 2015 and I was airborne over the Gulf of Mexico in an F-15D, shooting both F-35As from the 58th FS at Eglin AFB and F-15Cs from the 122nd FS, Louisiana Air National Guard.

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