RAF Typhoon drops Paveway IV

First in-service release for new weapon

No 1 (Fighter) Squadron, at RAF Lossiemouth, successfully released two live Paveway IV weapons at the Cape Wrath Training Area on 25 November as part of the Squadron’s work-up with the latest Typhoon capability upgrade, known as P1Eb.

Officer Commanding 1(Fighter) Squadron, Wing Commander Mike Sutton, said:

“This is another landmark moment for the Typhoon Force, and highlights the aircraft’s potent swing role capability. The successful weapon drops are a superb reflection on the dedication and achievement of everyone who has been involved in this capability enhancement.

“The swing role capability of the Typhoon ensures that we are well equipped to respond to the challenges of contingent operations across the globe, while also maintaining the security of UK skies through the delivery of Quick Reaction Alert, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

F-35C goes to sea

First carrier landing for Navy Lightning II

The US Navy marked the first carrier landing by the F-35C on November 3. F-35C CF-03 (SaltyDog 73) of VX-23 made the first arrested landing aboard the USS Nimitz off the coast of San Diego. 

CDR Tony ‘Brick’ Wilson made the first arrested landing. CF-05 (SaltyDog 75) also made landings on the same day.