340 Squadron – 60 years by Ioannis Lekkas

This is a beautifully presented 60th anniversary photo album and has stunning photography and interesting captions about life in and around the F-16s of the Greek Air Force squadron.

The photo album book opens with a foreword by 340 Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Major Athanasios Antonakakis and a brief history of the squadron. The history includes photographs, fact-files and graphics of the former squadron aircraft; F-84G from 1953, F-84F from 1958 and A-7H/TA-7H from 1975.

Every detail about the night-strike F-16C/D, from the pilots and cockpit to the weapons and maintenance, are covered in great depth and the photographs beautifully illustrate the design and features of the fighter jet. There are quotes from famous fighter pilots in history, such as Gen. Adolf Galland, Luftwaffe and Brig. Gen. Robin Olds of the United States Air Force. Ioannis has a great eye for detail and this translates well with his stunning photography in this book.

The book is written and photographed by Ioannis Lekkas and published through his own company, Eagle Aviation. Additional photography is provided by Katsuhiko Tokunaga, Nikolaos Fazos and Georgios Lamprakis

The book is available to buy via the websites below.

www.eagleaviation.gr – Greece
www.discounthobbyzone.com – Internationally

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