Month: September 2013

Aircraft profile: Short Brothers’ C-23 Sherpa

Far from being the most glamorous aircraft on the US inventory, the C-23 Sherpa has received several less than complimentary nicknames including ‘Boxcar with Wings’ and ‘Flying Winnebago’. Despite this, Tom Kaminski tells us it has proven itself to be

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Brazilian Air Force takes delivery of first A-1M

Embraer Defence & Security has delivered the first modernised A-1M (AMX) fighter jet to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The A-1M program was put in place for the modernisation of 43 subsonic AMX jets, 16 of which are already at

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Britain Wastes Millions on Carrier Decision

Two u-turns by U.K. ministers over the type of aircraft to fly off the aircraft carriers under construction will cost UK taxpayers at least 74 million pounds, according to a Carrier Strike report published by the Public Accounts Committee. When

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