Typhoons Complete Training Mission

The Royal Air Force has completed the biggest training mission ever undertaken by its Typhoon Force.

Exercise Android Preference concluded at RAF Coningsby last week. The exercise forms part of the qualified weapons instructor (QWI) course and is regarded as the pinnacle of qualifications for RAF aircrew.

During the first week of the exercise the single largest training mission the Typhoon has ever undertaken as one complete force was executed. A total of 22 aircraft from five squadrons took part in a combat search and rescue scenario that also included Tornado GR4’s, United States Air Force F-15 Eagles and Danish F-16’s, as well as support and attack helicopters.

Tactical air control and command was provided by an E-3D Sentry from RAF Waddington and No 1 Air Control Centre, which deployed to RAF Coningsby from their home station at RAF Scampton.


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