CH-147F Chinook for Canada

The Royal Canadian Air Force has taken delivery of the first of 15 new CH-147F Chinooks.

Canada is the first operator of the new Chinook variant that will be delivered to the global marketplace.

The aircraft comes with a number of upgrades including a modernised airframe with a long-range fuel tanks, upgraded electrical system, integrated Common Avionics Architecture System cockpit, and Digital Automatic Flight Control System. It also has improved survivability features including a Directional Infrared Countermeasures system.

The first CH-147F was accepted by the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, and will be followed by six additional aircraft over the remainder of 2013. The Canadian government awarded Boeing a contract for 15 Medium-to-Heavy-Lift Helicopters (MHLH) and in-service support in June 2009; all deliveries are scheduled to be completed by June 2014.

Boeing will provide in-service support to the MHLH fleet for the next 20 years under a Performance-Based Logistics contract. The company has already awarded six contracts to Canadian suppliers for services under the program.

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