RAF’s eighth C-17 in UK

C-17A ZZ178 has landed at RAF Brize Norton.

May 24: UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond talks to a member of aircrew at RAF Brize Norton in the RAF’s latest acquisition, C-17A ZZ178, which arrived from the USA earlier this week.

Known as “the workhorse of the RAF”, the C-17s play a vital role in sustaining the UK’s ‘air bridge’ with Afghanistan, carrying supplies and passengers into and out of the country. C-17s can fly for more than 4,500 nautical miles, meaning it can fly directly from Helmand Province to the UK.

As well as transporting troops and equipment, C-17s can also be converted rapidly to offer Intensive Care provision in support of the Aeromedical Airbridge – for more on this role see the July issue of AirForces Monthly, available from newsagents from June 7.

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