A400M in South America

Airbus Military’s A400M has landed in Santiago, Chile during its first visit to Latin America.

March 27: Airbus Military’s A400M landed in Santiago, Chile on March 26 during its first visit to Latin America.

Flown by Experimental Test Pilot Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Lombo, ‘Grizzly 2’ landed at the FIDAE air show at approximately 13:15. One of the five development aircraft, Grizzly 2 will perform high-altitude flight tests at Cochabamba, Bolivia, where the airfield is located at 8,360ft (2,550m) above sea level. Flying from Cochabamba to FIDAE, the A400M reached another milestone in its flight test programme: the 1,000th flight.

After FIDAE, the aircraft will fly to Lima, Peru, for a visit and to La Paz, Bolivia, which is more than 13,000ft (3,960 m) above sea level for further flight tests. “I had the privilege to land the A380 for the first time at FIDAE in 2008,” said Nacho Lombo, “which was a proud moment. I am delighted to be back again at FIDAE and this time to bring the most versatile new generation airlifter: the A400M. It is an honour for us to bring the A400M and see it here next to the A380 – two new generation aircraft together.”

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