4,000th A320 type delivered

Airbus has delivered its 4,000th A320 ‘Family’ aircraft.

August 28: Airbus delivered its 4,000th A320 ‘Family’ aircraft with an A319 handed over to Brazilian flag carrier TAM at the manufacturer’s plant in Hamburg, Germany.

Maria Claudia Oliveira Amaro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAM said: “TAM’s acquisition of the 4,000th A320 Family aircraft is another milestone in our partnership with Airbus. It will be an even bigger excitement when the aircraft heads for Brazil, as it will also be contributing to an important initiative in the social responsibility arena.” On its ferry flight to Brazil, TAM will take equipment that was donated by ‘Aviation without Borders Germany’ to schools for handicapped children in the region.

TAM operates a fleet of 125 Airbus aircraft, having become an Airbus A319 operator in 1998.

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