WestJet orders 737s

Canadian airline WestJet has announced an order for 14 additional Next-Generation (NG) 737-700s.

August 24: In a good news day for Boeing’s venerable 737, Canadian airline WestJet announced an order for 14 additional Next-Generation (NG) 737-700s. “The new order of Boeing 737-700s will give us one of the most modern fleets in the air,” said Sean Durfy, WestJet President and CEO. “At the same time, we’ll have enhanced flexibility to deliver on our vision of becoming one of the top five airlines in the world by 2016.”

The carrier’s fleet is solely based on the 737NG, with 81 currently in service. Although the new orders are good for Boeing, WestJet also announced it was deferring the delivery of 16 leased and direct-purchase aircraft. “Thanks to our strong partnerships with Boeing and Aviation Capital Group, we were able to revise our aircraft delivery schedule to better match our strategic plans,” said Durfy. “Our previously published schedule saw us growing to a fleet size of 121 aircraft by 2013. The combination of deferred delivery dates on our existing orders, 14 new orders and 23 leases expiring between 2013 and 2016 – each with the option to renew – gives us the flexibility to end 2016 with a fleet size between 112 and 135 aircraft.”

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