Yemeni plane crashes – updated

June 30: It has been confirmed that an Airbus A310-300 from Yemen crashed in the Indian Ocean with 153 people on board. The aircraft, flight number IY626 from Sana’a in Yemen was attempting to land in bad weather at Moroni, on the western coast of Grande Comore island in the Comoros.

An official from the state airline Yemenia said some bodies had been recovered and it is thought that only one passenger survived, a fourteen-year old girl. Yemenia, or Yemen Airways, operated three A310-300s and the lost aircraft is reported as being A310-324 70-ADJ, first delivered from the production line in 1990 and operated by Yemenia since October 1999. It had accumulated approximately 51,900 flight hours in some 17,300 flights.

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