A330 gets fitter

Airbus’ A330-200 payload and range capabilities will be further improved with a 5 metric-tonne increase in maximum takeoff weight.

The enhancement to the twin-engine jetliner has been achieved without changing the aircraft’s acoustic category or runway loading, which means it will be able to use existing runways and airport take-off slots without penalty.

New-build A330-200s will have the option of an extra 3.4 tonnes of payload or additional 330 nautical miles of range beginning in August 2010, and a retrofit package for post-February 2004 aircraft will be available from November 2010. For the retrofit, upgrading in-service aircraft should only take a few days for airlines to complete.

To date, more than 550 A330-200s have been sold, with over 340 currently flying with carriers around the globe.

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