Global 7000 Takes to the Skies

Bombardier Business Aircraft successfully flew its new flagship business jet, the Global 7000, for the first time today. Flight test vehicle 1 (FTV1), C-GLBO (c/n 70001), took off from the manufacturer’s Toronto Downsview facility at 1025hrs and flew for 2hrs 27mins under the command of captain Ed Grabman, assisted by co-pilot Jeff Karnes and flight test engineer Jason Nickel.
During the maiden flight, the crew tested the basic system functionality of the jet and assessed its handling and flying qualities. The pilots conducted a gradual climb to 20,000ft and the aircraft reached a planned test speed of 240kts. All flight controls were exercised during the sortie and Bombardier reports that all systems and the aircraft performed as expected.
“The first flight is the culmination of an incredible amount of knowledge and experience from our dedicated employees, partners and suppliers,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “This is a very proud moment for Bombardier and confirms the Global 7000 aircraft program development is on schedule. It is the industry’s most innovative and uniquely designed business jet and the only aircraft on the market to offer four living spaces for unparalleled comfort and flexibility, creating an unforgettable experience for our customers. The Global 7000 business jet’s impressive capabilities promise to establish a whole new category for large business jets,” he added.

FTV1 gets airbourne for the first time.  Bombardier

FTV1 gets airbourne for the first time. Bombardier

The first flight signifies the start of the jets flight test program, ahead of its scheduled entry into service in the second half of 2018.
François Caza, Vice President, Product Development and Chief Engineer, Bombardier Product Development Engineering, said: “It was very exciting to see our Global 7000 aircraft take to the skies. Our world-class product development team, supported by our suppliers, followed our rigorous first flight readiness process, which included systems, structures and aerodynamics technical reviews, as well as the extensive use of test rigs and state-of-the-art simulation. The successful conclusion of this process clears the way for the start of our comprehensive flight test program leading to certification.”
Bombardier has designed the Global 7000 with a “next-generation transonic wing design” providing a steep approach capability and short field performance. The manufacturer says the jet will offer a 7,400nm (13,705km) range at M0.85 with eight passengers.

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