New Fokker for X-Plane

The VFW 614 was designed as a short-haul jetliner capable of using unprepared runways. Although the type had excellent flight capabilities, it was not a commercial success and the Deutsche Luftwaffe (German Air Force) became the main operator, providing transport service to government and military personnel. One example was used by Airbus for testing the fly-by-wire system eventually used on the Airbus A380and another by DLR (the German “NASA”) as research and test aircraft.

The package for X-Plane 10 was developed by Peters Aircraft, and is based on a VFW 614 on display at the Aeronauticum Museum, Nordholz, Germany.  It was designed using hundreds of photographs and on authentic documentation as well as on testimonies of people who had been involved in construction and operation of the type.

It comes with liveries of all VFW 614  operators along with a detailed 3D model, a virtual cockpit and cabin interior along with special effects such as animated doors and HDR lighting. The flight deck consists of custom-made analogue instruments, a 1970s autopilot and an Inertial Navigation System (available separately for $10 ).  It is also compatible with the XP navigational database.  Even the systems for the civilian version as well as the military variants are simulated in detail.

Documentation includes the original Flight Handbook and Flight Training Manual, plus authentic documents for the aircraft system.


  • Auto-pilot with pitch/roll as well as HDG, LAT NAV (incl. ILS), IAS, ALT HOLD, G/S, BC, TURB modes
  • Weather radar
  • INS can be used for simple FMS flight plans or with the optional CIVA Inertial Navigation System simulation plugin
  • Custom sounds for engines, ground-roll and audio warnings
  • Quick-start function

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