New Version of SkyMaxx Pro Imminent

X-Aviation has announced the upcoming release of SkyMaxx Pro v4.0, featuring new HD clouds, double the cloud draw distance and even better performance.

Clouds can be drawn across an area up to 320km², resulting in a realistic weather system at high altitudes.  Other features include a new 3D precipitation system where rain, sleet, wet snow, and dry snow will be formed depending on ambient temperatures.  Precipitation is tied to individual cells, and rain will start and stop as you fly underneath or through the clouds.

New “HD Cloud Puffs” will enable you to fly through thick overcast layers built from real HD cloud photos, without killing your framerates.  Scattered and broken cumulus clouds will have twice the resolution as SkyMaxPro V3, while cirrus and cirrocumulus clouds will move realistically relative to your aircraft’s motion.

The integration with Real Weather Connector has also been improved with more accurate representations of ground fog, thunderstorm placement and stratus/overcast cloud placement.

SkyMaxx Pro v4 will be a paid upgrade for all current SkyMaxx Pro v3 owners. Those of you who qualify will receive a 50% off ($19.95 instead of $39.95) upgrade discount, which will be valid for 60 days from the time v4 goes on sale.

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