F-16 Simulator Takes Flight in Yorkshire

US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon fixed base Simulator has opened near Wakefield in Yorkshire. The simulator is based on the Lockheed Martin General Dynamics F16 Block 52 construction and consists of a fixed base, fully enclosed cockpit with a 180 degrees FOV HD projector system. It includes dual multi-function displays (MFD), a fully working head up display (HUD), a HOTAS Cougar F-16 throttle and side stick along with F-16 rudder pedals.

The company caters for stag parties, work or enthusiast group as well as individuals. Its premises have a waiting and briefing room, which can cater for groups up to 15 where you can relax with a complimentary tea or coffee while your flight instructor will run through everything you need to know for your flight.

The venue has easy parking at the doorstep and they can provide on-site catering as well as organizing accommodation and entertainment for groups.

Some examples of the missions include:
• Full Mission Campaigns
• Air-to-Air Refuelling
• Air-to-Ground Bombing
• Air-to-Air Combat
• Aircraft Carrier Landings
• Formation Flying

For more information on the Yorkshire Flight Simulator website, click here

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