FTX: Central to Receive Major Update

ORBX has announced that all of its regions, including FTX: Global, will work seamlessly at the same time without the need to use hybrid mode.

According to a statement on the Orbx forum the process will be as follows:

“We are on the verge of releasing the unified lclookup.bgl and its supporting core files that will remove the need to switch worldwide regions in FTX Central. This is a huge breakthrough in flexibility of all Orbx FTX Regions and FTX Global working seamlessly together.

This will be a two staged approach using FTX Central and Orbxlibs.

FTX Central will be updated very soon, so make sure that you keep an eye out on the Release Announcements as well as ensure that FTX Central is set to check for updates. This will be the first stage.

The second stage of this is Orbxlibs. The next update of Orbxlibs will contain all the required files for this migration. Due to these extra files, Orbxlibs will be a 1.25GB download. The Orbxlibs update can also be performed via FTX Central as the file delivery has been streamlined to handle the larger download size.

Once you have those two installed, FTX Central will handle the migration process for you. The following screenshots will give you an idea how it all happen.

FTX Central will start and you will be presented with the following:

[img src=14158 align=full]

The migration process will take some time and various windows will open. Once you migrated you will notice that FTX Central will look different. Firstly, FTX Central will run through some checks to check for migration status as well as ensure lclookup is active. You will also notice that on the left you will no longer see a Group as “Active” or the familiar “Apply Group” button on the right.

Q. Can I choose not implement this change?

A. It will be a requirement moving forward that these changes are implemented. If you do not wish to move with the times, you can elect to ignore the FTX Central and Orbxlibs update. We strongly recommend that you update for continued support.

Q. Do I need to download any new installers for the Regions or Global?

A. No, the FTX Central update and Orbxlibs will apply these changes for you.

Q. What if I install a Region or Global after I have migrated to the unified lclookup?

A. When FTX Central is run it does a check for any products that have not migrated. If any are detected, it will run that migration process automatically.

Q. Will there be new installers for Regions/Global anyway?

A. Yes, but not till the second half of this year.

Q. So I don’t need to apply a region/group or select “hybrid mode”?

A. Correct, once migrated to the unified lclookup, everything is active and working seamlessly with each other and you will no longer need to switch regions.

We have deliberately chosen FTX Central/Orbxlibs for this deployment as it will be the simplest and most effective way of ensuring everyone will be updated. This method also allows us to keep our existing Region/Global installers in circulation as well as not making customers re-download installers unnecessarily. “

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